Freelance Visa Germany: How to Get your Visa & Start Working by Live Work Germany

Freelance Visa Germany: How to Get your Visa & Start Working

Complete clarity in less than 3 hours on how to apply, obtain your residence permit and successfully set up your freelance business, avoiding all the common watch-outs and pitfalls.

  • At least €500 cheaper than an immigration agency or lawyer.
  • Saving you the unnecessary anxiety and worry of trying to figure everything out yourself. 

Here's what you get included in the Course!

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Course Contents

2 mins
What to expect from this course and what's different?
4 mins
Glossary of Useful German Terms.pdf
144 KB
The Basics
Absolute Must Have Requirements
7 mins
Possibly will be Required (Very Much Case Dependent)
5 mins
How Being Freelance vs. Self Employed are VERY Different
3 mins
Which Professions are Considered Freelance?
5 mins
Extra Requirements if you're classed as a Sole Trader Business
4 mins
Is Germany the right choice for YOU and YOUR Business?
5 mins
The Basics - Checklist (Downloadable PDF)
211 KB
Applying in Germany vs. German Diplomatic Mission Overseas
Where to apply for your Visa?
3 mins
Quick Note on next Videos...
1 min
Within Germany: What's needed for your Application?
10 mins
Major German Cities - Requirements (Downloadable PDF)
52.5 KB
Within Germany: Tips & Considerations for the Application Process
12 mins
Abroad: Applying via a German Embassy or Consulate
12 mins
Abroad: Check the Requirements on German Embassy Website
2 mins
Abroad: Example from German Embassy in Argentina
4 mins
Visa Info Page Links from German Diplomatic Missions in Your Country
Understanding the Devil in the Detail
"Incoming" Health Insurance (for Visa application)
9 mins
Health Insurance - Reference Card (Downloadable PDF)
84 KB
Letter of Intent Template - Example
4 mins
Devising your Business Plan: Do you even need one?
10 mins
Example Walkthrough of Projecting your Revenue
10 mins
Showing Evidence of an Existing Business
6 mins
Your "To Do" List after receiving your Visa
10 mins
"To Do" Checklist (Downloadable PDF)
66.2 KB
Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung (Tax Registration Form)
Tips, Tricks and Watch-Outs
Recap - Why is Info Sometimes Conflicting?
4 mins
Do I Need to Speak German?
5 mins
Can I Work With Foreign Clients?
3 mins
Hiring Employees - What to Consider
3 mins
BEWARE of being a Freelancer In Name Only!
9 mins
Am I at Risk of Being "FINO"? (Downloadable PDF)
68.1 KB
Business Bank Accounts
4 mins
Insurance Considerations and Recommendations
4 mins
Registering for VAT
5 mins
The Basics of Taxation and Social Security
9 mins
Examples of Common Deductible Business Expenses
4 mins
Interviews with Actual Humans!
Introduction to Interviews Section
2 mins
Interview with Angela from New Zealand
46.8 KB
Interview with Aaron from Australia
46.1 KB
Considerations for Specific Circumstances
Switching from Freelancing into Gainful Employment
5 mins
From Freelancer to Job - Reference Card (Downloadable PDF)
59.1 KB
Renewing Your Visa
4 mins
Some Quick Tips for Digital Nomads
5 mins
Final Note
2 mins
Useful Resources and Service Providers
Business Plan 101 (Article 1)
Business Plan 101 (Article 2)
Incoming Health Insurance from Popsure
LingoKing - Certified German translations, 100% online
In Person Support for LABO Visits in Berlin
The best Blog Post I've seen on this Topic
Income Tax Thresholds in Germany
ottonova - Digital, modern, Private Health Insurance
N26 - Easy, smartphone-based banking for newcomers
Information and Support to set up a Business
BONUS Section
Moving to Germany - 60 Page FREE ebook!
570 KB
Health Insurance for Freelancers ebook
218 KB
German Tax Calculator